What's New at Bonnie Quines

A year today I signed my lease....  29th April 2017!

A whole year already! We didn't move in until the 15th August, but I can honestly say its been the best thing we have done!
The salon is still under renovation upstairs and we are hoping to have another 2 beautiful treatment rooms available for clients very soon.

We will be offering Body Scrubs as of next month, and potentially mud wraps, were just adding finishing touches to the Shower area... Very posh! ( i swear its a nicer shower than the one in my house :D)

The sunbeds will be up and running in the next week, They have been retubed so will be HOT HOT HOT! We will have some amazing offers on for everyone. We purchased NEW Australian Gold Creams last week at the show, wait until you smell them!

Have you saw the new additional signage outside? I absolutely LOVE IT! We have added additional gold lettering to compliment the Bonnie Quines sign. Check it out next time your passing.

What else is new?
Louise Speedie Make-up joined us a few weeks ago and has a banging offer on for full make up for £20 every Friday. Please mail Louise direct for Bookings, check her work out on Insta too. FLAWLESS!

Zoe is now practicing Shellac so we have an offer online at the moment which can be used Thursdays and Saturdays. Please book through the May special offers. She is a little natural, but still practicing so be nice :D

Karen is now offering Indian Head Massage! This can also be booked online in the May Special offers.

Theres some cracking offers on actually- go check them out. 

We have some NEW products exclusive to West Lothian arriving this week.... I could honestly pee my pants about this I'm so excited- but you can wait for the big reveal! The only clue I'm giving you is..... Timeless!

We have a NEW team member joining us on the 15th of May! Nicole will be joining us and we can't wait to have her in. Her nail art is pretty amazing, so you can now book online for hand painted nail art.... Pics will be up soon, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed! Nicole will also be introducing the Diamond Pedicure to the salon.... Swarovski toes! Diamonds are a girls best friend :D
If you can't wait to see some of the pretty designs that will be on offer from Nicole you can check out her work here on Facebook and Instagram Spangley Nails. You can now book your nail appointments online with Nicole but remember, she starts the 15th May!

Its all good in the BQ gang! But were still looking for a Part time nail technician and will be on the look out for a beauty therapist in the coming month or so, so if you know anyone who may be on the look out, and wants to help us eat the endless supply of Chocolate in the salon give them a wee tag. I can't eat it all myself! 

Just wanted to give everyone a little update, its not often i do a post keeping you all in the loop but thought with so much exciting things happening I would brighten up your Sunday morning and get you guys excited :D x

Andrea xxx

Andrea Waddell