How Important is Your Well-Being to You?

A little stress is meant to be good for us. It can help give us an edge at work where deadlines and conflicting priorities all too regularly clash and you’re pulled in several different directions at the same time. As a result when we get home we often just want to switch off, but with busy family lives to lead, and homes to maintain, it can be well nigh impossible to find five minutes quiet time for yourself. We read and hear all too often about the need to look after ourselves, the importance of our well-being, about managing our daily steps, going to the gym, and slowing down the ageing process, but do we really do enough, or commit sufficient time to look after our body and mind?

Enjoy a Relaxing Massage or Facial

Have you thought about taking the time to pay a visit to your local beauty salon? Nothing says ‘me time’ like a relaxing spa treatment. Body massage, in it’s various forms, is a clinically proven effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. The ability to relax and unwind and enjoy a luxurious beauty treatment often makes all the difference. At Bonnie Quines our specialised treatment rooms have been designed with you in mind. With low level lighting, aromatic scents and cosy heated treatment beds, you can float off wherever your mind takes you, whilst our highly skilled therapists get to work on releasing the stress and strain of your day, with a professional body massage. Or they might clean and tone your skin with a facial that will leave you glowing for quite a while afterwards.

How Effective is Body Massage?

You can’t really beat a relaxing massage. A back, neck or full body massage isn’t as uncomfortable as it sounds - or that you might imagine - and it really helps to provide a longer term calming effect on both body and mind. However, the benefits do vary hugely from person to person. If, for instance, you’re dashing straight back to work afterwards into a stressful environment, the effects will be predictably short lived. It’s therefore recommended, where possible, to try and get a massage in the evening, weekend or after work so you go home and relax afterwards. This in itself will usually mean a really great night’s sleep.

How Often Should I get a Massage?

When it comes to the frequency of massages, most people try and come in every month for treatment. Most clients tend to agree a programme of treatments, after an initial consultation with our beauty therapists, so will probably book further time, before they leave the salon. It’s good to get into this habit, particularly as the long lasting impact of regular treatment far outweighs the occasional ‘pick me up’ session.

The Ambience of the Beauty Salon is Very Important

Beauty treatment is in essence a sensory experience, and a relaxing environment is hugely important and influences the immediate enjoyment and ongoing benefits of treatment. All the senses should be taken into consideration and only then will this induce deep relaxation within the individual. The first impression of any room with dimmed, coloured lighting is instantly relaxing, and scented aromas further help to release any tension. After all, a strong sense of smell influences our mind and tends to calm us.

The temperature of the room is also important and getting it just right can really influence the impact of any treatment. The same is very true of the music. You should almost not be aware of the music, it should be relaxing but not loud enough to distract you. It goes without saying that the bed should also be comfortable to help you drift off.

Our Highly Skilled Beauty Therapists Make a Difference too

When therapists see a body to massage they typically see muscle, bones, fat and skin. They’re concentrating on what they need to do, not what you look like. But they are also fully aware that clients may feel vulnerable, so they try to put people at ease. Skilled therapists build rapport from asking the right questions and actively listening to the needs of their client. Using good communication skills, from choice of words and tone of voice to positive body language is crucial, in making clients feel relaxed and ultimately valued.

Come to Bonnie Quines for the Ultimate Relaxation Experience

Bonnie Quines offers a range of beauty treatments from massages and facials, nails to pedicures and eyelash extensions to sunbeds and spray. There is something for everyone to enjoy and benefit from, and whether you’re anticipating a big occasion to or are simply looking for a tonic, contact us today to take that important first step in kick starting your well-being.

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