Hollywood waxing - not just for the stars!

No one particularly likes what those in the beauty industry call  ‘Spiders Legs’ or er, a ‘Hairy Mary’ so when it comes to hair removal in your most intimate areas, you really need some expert , and of course, confidential advice beforehand. Indeed, it's very easy to get confused by all the different bikini wax treatments that are now available on today’s market. The terms and techniques vary from a ‘Brazilian’ to a ‘Playboy’ and if you’re new to things, it’s quite easy to get mixed up. Don't worry about that, because we're always looking to make things so much simpler for you, so that next time you head to the beauty salon you know exactly what waxing treatment you’re asking for and crucially, what to expect.

Beauty treatments are improving all the time

Knowledge around the skin’s healing process and the general health benefits of beauty treatments are becoming much more widely recognised as newer treatments tend to immediately go viral and lifestyle magazines offer their considered opinion on the benefits or otherwise of current techniques against ‘old school’ methods. After all, body waxing isn’t really new, it’s been around for a long time, since therapists first used a mixture of beeswax and resin, applying this product to sensitive areas of the skin and then picking hairs off without the need for a strip and a painful response to this type of pressure.

Hollywood waxing - it’s big news!

Arguably one of the most popular hair removal treatments for women today, Hollywood waxing leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination! Absolutely all your hair is removed from the front pubic area right to the back. Whether this is your first "all off" bikini wax or you’re a regular, our experienced team of skilled therapists have seen and heard it all before and will immediately put you at ease, before they work their magic. Indeed Bonnie Quines is the first wax one salon in Scotland and we only ever perform a hot wax on intimate areas. We never use strip wax on intimate areas only legs/arms and facial waxing. 

Is there anything I need to do before my treatment?

  • Make sure you're hairy enough - it does make a difference!

  • Moisturise and exfoliate beforehand, it makes our life easier

  • Try to avoid caffeine intake a few hours before your wax.

What can I expect?

We’re here to put you completely at ease, and want you to know that our highly skilled therapists will ensure that this is the most enjoyable - yes enjoyable - waxing experience you’ll ever receive. Our quines are experts using the latest and most up to date waxing techniques, including Wax One strip and Hot wax. You’re required to remove your underwear for this treatment. We know this is an intimate area so if you have a preferred therapist please make sure to mention this when you contact us to book your appointment. Whilst some salons choose to perform the treatment with regular wax strips, more women today are tending to choose the hot wax option, that we use, as it’s much less painful than regular waxing strips. 

Does it hurt?

The initial feeling of the hair being removed from the root is over in an instant, so please forget whatever stories you might have heard! Regular wax strips do put more pressure on sensitive skin, whereas stripless ‘hot’ wax is applied directly to your skin, drying within seconds. The hardened wax is then quickly pulled off like a regular strip, pulling less on the skin when removed which helps avoid sensitivity, redness or bruising. The whole procedure takes around 30 minutes or so. We also recommend taking home some 'care' a formula created by wax one for after waxing to help prevent ingrown hairs which can be purchased in the salon.

And what are the benefits?

Whether you’re off on holiday or just prefer the feel of a hair free bikini line, a Hollywood wax will leave your skin smooth and soft for up to four to six weeks. Just be sure to use an exfoliation mit in the shower every few days to help avoid any ingrown hairs during the regrowth period. Also, hair needs to be no longer than a grain of rice. We recommend leaving for as long as you can for a cleaner wax as hair growth is usually six weeks. Hair in the waxed areas re-grows a bit lighter, more sparsely and slower the more you wax. So, with that in mind, it’s recommended that you make an appointment every six weeks for repeat treatments. Your body will adjust with continued waxing so each session becomes easier than the last and is finished more rapidly. Heat stimulates hair growth; therefore hair grows quicker in the summer than in the winter. 

Come and see us for your Hollywood treatment!

So there you have it. As a leading beauty salon we’d love you to come in and enjoy a Hollywood treatment with us. In the meantime, if you’ve any further questions we’ve put together some FAQs for more information. Contact us to book your appointment. We’re looking forward to seeing you.


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