Nail Salon with Specialist Nail Technicians

Bonnie Quines wall of colours is always on point! We’ve more sparkle than a glitter bomb, more colours than the rainbow, and a mighty fine collection of nail art extravaganza to really make your fingertips stand out. In short, we promise to give you a set of bad ass nails! 

Whether you're looking to have your nails manicured and decorated to your style, need additional strength, or want to extend your nails with sculpted acrylics, or gel polish, we’ve something for everyone’s specific taste.

We’re asked a lot about bitten nails. Lets face it, we all have bad habits and if you’re prone to a wee nibble, don't feel embarrassed to come in and talk to us for advice and some help. Whether it’s a simple gel polish, acrylic infills, an overlay, or nail add-ons, we promise to create a set of showstopping nails, which are stronger and healthier and help you achieve the exact look you desire. 


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Gel Polish

on natural nails



Nail Add Ons


Acrylic Infill



strength on the natural nail


Nail Repair

woops... nails are jewels not tools.
If you’ve had a little accident, please let us know and we will have this fixed ASAP.


We won’t remove Acrylics that have been done in another salon

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m coming in for an Acrylic Removal, how strong will my nails be afterwards?

As long as acrylic nails (and Gel Polishes) are removed properly and not pulled or scraped off, then your nails should remain strong afterwards. Once removed, always use Nail/Cuticle Oil to nourish your nails on a daily basis, keeping them strong when you have Acrylics on or off. If you feel your nails are particularly weak, we can offer a Keratin repair product to help with this.

What is the difference between nail polish and gel polish?

There are many versions of these products now available in the industry. Gel Polish is a hybrid nail polish, stronger and set under a UV lamp. We also use soft gels. What we use is determined by the type of nails you have and what’s best for you.

What are acrylic overlays and gel sculptures?

An overlay, whether it’s Acrylic or Hard Gel, is a natural nail with no extension, although this won’t give you any additional length. An Acrylic Sculpture is achieved by placing a form on the nail allowing the technician to sculpt an extension onto the natural nail, thus extending the length of the nail. The exact length is decided in consultation with the client.

What are acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are less flexible than gel nails, however this does allow the nail more shape and style, as well as encapsulating different nail designs.

Can you shower immediately after getting gel nails?

You can definitely shower, take a bath, or go swimming with your gel nails on. Gel nails need soaked in acetone to remove them, so getting them wet is not going to cause them to come off.