Spray Tan and Sunbeds

Tanning is always a good idea. If you can’t tone it - tan it!

Whether you're looking for a bit of colour for a special occasion, or looking to build up a tan, speak to our highly skilled therapists first, and they’ll recommend a programme that suits your skin type. Your skin type has a great deal to do with how often and how long you should tan at an indoor salon, so it’s important that you discuss it with our professionals in order to create a tanning schedule that works for you and that is safe for your skin. What many people don’t realise is that indoor tanning is a process that takes place over time and that you will rarely get the results you desire in just one visit.

We always recommend short sessions of around four to five minutes to begin with. An indoor tan lasts for about six days if looked after correctly, ie moisturise, pat skin dry after bath/shower. On the day of your appointment please avoid using any oily products and wear loose clothing when coming for your treatment.

Sun Beds

No appointment necessary, pop in and enjoy some UV rays on our Eurgoline 500 lie down sunbed.

We also have two custom built stand up beds too. Australian Gold Cream available to enhance your tanning experience.

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Spray Tan


Moroccan Tan - Suitable for all skin types, the two-hour quick-drying formula develops over time. Alcohol, sulphate and paraben-free. Non-sticky, non-oily tanning spray solution absorbs deeply to help nourish the skin and enable it to literally glow.




Frequently Asked Questions


I’m booked in for a tanning appointment, how should I prepare?

We highly recommend clients do a full body exfoliation and any shaving, 24 hours before their tanning appointment. The tan lasts for about five to seven days if looked after correctly. For example, moisturise, pat skin dry after bath/shower. On the day of your appointment please avoid using any oily products and wear loose clothing when coming in for your treatment.

I like the idea of using a sunbed but I’m a bit wary of the risks involved?

The risks of UV tanning should always be taken into account before using sunbeds and you should speak to our therapists, first. We recommend you start at three minutes for your first session and build up from there. How quickly you build up will depend on skin tone, we will never let you go on for longer than is safe to do so, your healthy & safety is our number one priority.

Should you wear protective eyewear for indoor tanning?

Yes, protective eye wear is vital for indoor tanning. You should always use proper tanning goggles during your session. It’s not enough to drape a towel over your eyes because the UV rays that the bed gives off can still filter through the material.

Will a shower immediately after tanning help you cool down?

While a cool shower probably would feel good on the skin, it’s always better to use moisturiser on your skin right after you tan instead of showering. Using a moisturiser right will not only cool and hydrate the skin, but it will also help lock in your tan so that it sets more evenly. If you shower right after a tanning session, you risk scrubbing away the skin cells that absorbed the UV rays of the bed, which may result in a patchy or uneven tan.