Expert Waxing and Tinting Services

From brows to bums and lips to legs!

There’s nothing more embarrassing for a client than getting your"Spider Legs' and 'Hairy Mary’s' out on show. We know this because you tell us all the time!

But ladies, we do this everyday, so we’re here to put you at ease, and want you to know that our highly skilled therapists will ensure that this is the most enjoyable - yes enjoyable- waxing experience you’ll ever receive. Our therapists are experts using the latest and most up to date waxing techniques, including Wax One strip and Hot wax*.

*Please note all intimate wax treatment are carried out using hot wax for your comfort, If you have any worries or concerns please call or email us and we can talk you through the treatment to put your mind at ease.


Bikini Waxes

carried out using the latest wax one hot wax system




Frequently Asked Questions

I believe there are various intimate waxing treatments available. Could you explain the differences between them?

  • A Basic Bikini wax is hair removed outside your knicker line - pants are kept on

  • An Extended removes hair inside the knicker line - pants are kept on

  • An In-betweeny is based on a G-String pant, where hair is taken away inside the knicker line & the hair around your bottom is removed - pants off

  • A Brazilian wax is a strip of hair left above the public bone and all hair inside the lips and bottom is removed - pants off

  • A Hollywood wax is all hair removed - pants off

What is the difference between a hot wax and a strip wax?

Hot wax is spread onto the skin over a layer of oil and is allowed to dry before it is quickly but gently peeled away. The benefits include fewer in-grown hairs, less breakage and longer re-growth periods. The wax also promotes skin hydration and is highly recommended for sensitive areas. Unlike it’s name suggests, Hot Wax should never actually feel hot on the skin. Hot Wax is used on intimate and underarm areas.

Strip wax is recommended for thicker/less sensitive skin, for example legs, back, chest and shoulders. A thin layer of wax is applied to the skin and is then removed using a paper strip.

How long should leg hair be before waxing?

It’s recommend that leg hair needs to be about the length of a grain of rice prior to waxing.

I have ingrown hairs on my bikini line what can I do?

Regular exfoliation and moisturising between waxing treatments helps reduce instances of ingrown hairs. We also recommend the use of Wax:One ‘Care’* a gentle soothing lotion to prevent and treat ingrown hairs. * Wax:One is a high quality waxing system with Grapefruit & Kiwi which helps to soften & sooth the waxing experience.

Does waxing hurt?

Every person has a different pain threshold and also experiences waxing differently, however if you maintain your waxing regularly, most find it easier as the hairs become thinner, lighter and more sparse after a few treatments.