Expert Waxing and Tinting Services

From Brows to Bums and Lips to Legs! We feel there is nothing more embarrassing for a client than getting your"spider legs' and  'Hairy Marys' out on show, we know this because you tell us... But ladies, we do this daily, we are here to put you at ease and want to ensure that this is the most enjoyable- YES ENJOYABLE- waxing experience. Our Therapists are experts using the latest and most up to date techniques with Wax One strip and Hot wax. 


*Please note all intimate wax treatment are carried out using HOT wax for your comfort, If you have any worries or concerns please call or email us and we can talk you through the treatment to put your mind at ease.... WAX ON- WAX OFF.


Bikini Waxes

carried out using the latest wax one hot wax system